All About Me!

tables are cool:

Name: Lauren
Birthday: May 13th, 1986
Birthplace: St. Louis, Mo
Current Home: Dubuque,Ia
Eye color:Hazel/brown
Fave Colors:Purple, Yellow, Pink, Orange
Hobbies:running,DDR,going to Camp Wyoming, going online, babysitting.
Known For:Lots of stuff-being loud, getting into trouble sometimes at camp for pole dancing or something.
Favorite Song: "Comfortable" by John Mayer, anything from dave matthews band, john mayer, Alicia Keys. i'm starting to like eminem, something corporate, weezer,rhcp.
Favorite Movie:"Shrek", "Notting Hill",and"Toy Story".
Favorite Foods:Christmas cookies, grape juice, oj, koolaid,gatorade(fierce melon aka bessie),cheerios,Cheese, Pancake batter, strawberry milk,
Likes:friends, puppies, running,camp wyoming, babysitting, being home alone, tubing at camp, making webpages, money,listening to music,playing piano/clarinet/saxophone, dave matthews band, john mayer, clothes
Dislikes:excess facial hair on guys and girls, a couple of people, body odor, being a klutz, the taste of rubber(hey that looks bad but come on people, get out of your mud minds. I mean rubber bands. Besides, what you're thinking of are made out of LATEX!)I hate when people spell stuff wrong like Kool Aid-Kool??That's not a word! And I hate how when you talk to somebody about stuf and 2 minutes later they're like "Hey Lauren whats up?"Like DUH I just told you whats up you whore!!!!
Fears:Sirens scare me for some reason.I'm also scared of Anna's doctor(he mollested her).LOL.
Favorite sport:Running (cross country with rachael...)
Secretly Likes:"Balancing my checkbook,brushing my teeth, taking showers all the time, and washing dishes as long as there's no food at the bottom of the sink.
Motto:i dont have a motto and i dont get why everyone does...
Jobs:Despite being a certified lifeguard, I'm unemployed except for the occasional babysitting gig.
Future Plans:Graduate from High School, Go to college to become a physical therapist, live happily ever after.
Dream Jobs:anything famous, personal trainer for famous people, a counselor at camp(that one will probably happen!).
Role Models: Christina Kelly even though she smells. She's just an awesome person and I wish I could be more like her, she's an awesome leader, a good listener, and a damn cool kid to be friends with. I dont want to be just like everybody else but i dont want to be different just to be different...yeah
So now you know something about me! Yay for you!!!