Here are some quotes from inside jokes my friends and I have.

"There is no 'i' in fruit....wait yes there is!!!"-Lani and me
"Where are the human clothes?"-nikki
"a broken clock reminds me of myself....i'm right at least twice"-nikki"
"Animals are people too."-me
"The goose fluff? What???"-me
"The goose flies at midnight"-LIT guys
"Sara likes the same kind of cheese..."-Kyle
Natasha:"I have a friend who's initials are E.T."
Tanto:"My uncle was born in a car."
"Jews and Samaratins didn't mix, kind of like water and lightning."-Brenna
"Tanto, you're not stupid."-Kyle/Ashley/Me
"Why is my hair retarded???"-Ashley
"1-2-3-(with hardcore actions)Sailing, sailing home. Sailing, sailing home..."-Christina, Molly, Bethany, & me
(while applying sparkle mint softlips)"I guess this just reflects the kind of person you are."(roughly)-Christina
"I love naz---i's."Christina and me
"Ewwww! Why are you wet?"-me
"baby face/sexy legs/reindeer tongue"-Cathy
"Christinka Smelly" sara p
"No biggie."-christina
"no piggy/it's MINE!"-carole
"just a little bit..."-marcia
"That's not very christian."-me
"H to the heroin. V to the vasectomy..."-Erin and me
"you don't know me..." Erin
"Lord prepare me to be a pictionary..."(as opposed to sanctuary)-random special person camper
"This is Eric's brain at 1 am..."-Bill
"Have you ever seen the movie memento?"-Eric
"I don't want it and you can't make me want it."-Sara I. to me
"Mr. T's gonna' cut your face."-Keith to Sara I
"Cherry coke? Tree coke? Your sister is the tree?"-Tony, Christina, me
"Bama, bama, bama oh yeah yeah yeah yeah."-Tony
"would you rather have axe hands or meat loaf hands?"-eric/ned.
"Manipulation..."-chewy and/or eric

"Walking team/Slut/I'm not a whore, I'm a slut."-beth and me
Eric: "Shane, I cleaned out the percussion room." me:"I cleaned out your mom last night."
Jocelyn:"Where's Shaniqua?" Me:"Awwww I left Shaniqua in the car!!!"
"G-g-g-g-g-g. *snap* GOODWILL."-guy from that one movie about drag queens
"Whatever, whatever, I do what I want. Ya don't know me."-Matt
"You don't buy me no Pampers!"-Jocelyn
"Bear. Bad. Dyersville."-Matt
"What does a gay horse say? HEY!!"-Matt
"I'm in the position."-Andy/me
"Remember when..."- Beth and me
"But they wouldn't seriously enjoy it."-Beth
"Mother Fucking Band Faggots...Cock suckers!!!"-random guy driving by band rehearsal
"It's good to eat and keep eating."-Eeshie
"You think the whole world resolves around you."-Bryan
"Shave that ass, bitch."-Bryan and me
"I'm going to combine the efforts and " something "the conquator."-Bryan
"there's a man at the door with a gun."-Bryan
"When I was your age we didn't have much money, so we..."-Bryan
"Welp, Here I go. I'm gonn' kill myself."-Bryan
"Do you have boobies? Do you take showers?"-a child i babysit for
"Po' Little Peasants!"-Nikki
"She touched my pepe, Steve!"-Number 4, Nikki, me
"Tengo bitch."-Me
"Tengo shgotgun."-Foley
"Ass Burgers????"Foley and me
"SHlT SHAKES at Ponderosa!"-Jamie and Foley
"DAB-DAB, SAK-SAK!!!"-Cross Country
"Uh huh. Uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh."-Daren aka ELVIS(followed by the woody the woodpecker laugh)
"Alright guys, it's MORPHIN TIME!!!"-Superman
There's just one more thing...you know why??"-Superman
"Night owls, only the girls can be in my skit because those boys are just too rowdy."-Superman
"Hippie no take bath."-Keith
"I drink beer."-Keith
"You go swimming?"-Keith
"He my boss."-Keith(pointing at a guy or a girl)
"He know me"-Keith(pointing at a guy or a girl)
"I want to break up with me because you're a whore." -me.
"WORD!"-"Puffy", JenaLEIGH and me.
"Constipation, no pooping."-Cole
Lauren, you're the friend in this family. Your brother hit me with a board and I can't be friends with your parents..." Mr. O Dell
"We were trashed like cans!"-Amanda and me
"Holy cheap fleece!" -Molly and me
"Toaster?"-Ms. Riepe
"I like to attach the stool/school."-Ms Riepe
"Captain Hick"-Ms. Riepe
"You always have to be forkinized." -Ms. Riepe
"It gets to a point that it's pointless." -Ms. Riepe
"If your sentence is three sentences long, it's too long."-Ms. Riepe
"You need to be listening with one eye open."-Ms. Riepe
"Hehehehe ahhh!" -Sara
"Wait, Wait!" "Sara, Sara!" "Lauren, Lauren!"-Sara
"Hello Mr. Ladybug!"-Sara
"I need to trumpet!"-Sara
"The Happy House, where people get happy!"-Sara
"Lauren Ripley is good enough for me."-Sara
C is for cookie, thats good enough for me. T is for Cookie, that's good enough for me!" -Sara
"That hurt like a poopie!" Sara
"I farted."-Melanie and Sara
"Super dooper pooper scooper!"-Me and Sara
It's Happy Chapstick Time!" -Sara and me
"Do you feel the sssspray? What sssspray? The sssspray! What sssspray? The sssspray! Oh, the ssssspray!" -Sara and me
"No Sara, No Sara!" -Sara's mom
"Guys, as your friend, I just wanna tell you that you look weird."-Beth