All About Me!

This is an interview thingy like all those boy band members get! I feel so famous!!!

Full name:Lauren (Elizabeth) Ripley
Birthday:May 13th 1986
Star Sign:Taurus
Birthplace:St. Louis, Mo
Eye Color:Brown/hazel
Hair:Light brown
Favorite Color:Orange,purple
Hobbies:Working out, running, going online, talking, going to Camp Wyoming, babysitting.
Known for:huge biceps, lol..., orangeness.
Favorite Song:"Untouchable Face" by ani difranco, anything by dave, "Rules", "Fool" and "Poem to a Horse" by Shakira, stuff by melanie c.
Favorite Movie:"Shrek","Notting Hill"
Favorite Foods:Christmas cookies, grape juice, kool-aid, orange juice, gatorade(fierce mellon), iced chai from bjs(jena!),Pancake batter,cheese,cheerios,strawberry and plain milk,
Likes:friends, puppies, running, being buff, camp wyoming,babysitting, being home alone, tubing at camp, making webpages, money, shopping, listening to music, playing piano/clarinet/saxophone.
Dislikes:A couple people,body odor, laziness, being a klutz. Sirens really scare me.
Fears:Something Under The Bed "I still jump into bed because I'm scared something will grab my foot if I get too close. I know there's nothing down there but every night I jump into bed!"
Favorite Sport:running
Secretly Likes:"Balancing my checkbook, flossing my teeth, taking showers all the time, washing dishes as long as there's no food at the bottom of the sink, and throwing leftover food into the woods at camp-LOL!!!"
Motto:why does everyone need a motto???Heck!
Previous Jobs:"Just babysitting or house-sitting for people. I want to work at Camp Wyoming after high school and I want to be a teacher or a physical therapist"
Role Models:I don't know who i want to be like but i know who i dont wanna be like. I don't want to be a high school drunk. I don't want to do something just because of the money. I don't want to be a lazy ass. I dont wanna be just like everybody else.